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7 Ancient Keys to Happiness 7把通向幸福的钥匙

7 Ancient Keys to Happiness
7 Ancient Keys to Happiness
作者:S. Warren

7 Ancient Keys to Happiness: A 90 Day, Lesson-a-Day Guide to Achieving Inner-bliss

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Inside the heart of every person is a desire to reach that ultimate state of inner-happiness. In a quest to achieve the euphoric state of happiness, the 7 Ancient Keys to Happiness have been uncovered. These ancient keys have been used for thousands of years by all different people around the world. For the first time, ‘7 Ancient Keys to Happiness’ has collated all 7 of these keys into one succinct, practical, do-it-yourself guide to happiness. Ancient wisdom tells of a story about an old man on an ark with lots of animals, who was saved from a big flood. – even societies that were not influenced by Judaic-Christian-Muslim beliefs have archaic versions of this tale as a part of their folklore. However, did you know that according to ancient tradition, after the flood Noah was given 7 Commandments? (No, NOT the 10 Commandments – that happened much later!) These commandments were given for the benefit of mankind to help establish a new world order of contentment and bliss and they became the world-wide recipe and the basis for the 7 Ancient Keys to Happiness. In every single culture, continent and society, some of these keys are found in one form or another, which is proof of their timeless wisdom. Using these 7 Ancient Keys to Happiness we are going to be guided through an exciting, pre-tested and successful path to bliss. So get ready to open your mind to a different and ancient reality and join us on this mystical path to the City of Happiness. It’s time to LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE & LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE.

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